aking confectionary is a creation, not a production

We at Yoku Moku are very particular about ingredients. We believe that great confectionary can only be made by top quality ingredients. Nothing special is needed, but a harmony of each of the freshest and finest ingredients to produce unrivalled flavour, texture and appearance.
There are only five key ingredients, which makes Yoku moku’s taste unforgettable:

Yoku Moku uses Hokkaido-born butter made with pure milk which boasts its quality, flavour and freshness. Our cookie's smooth and light texture comes from this rich butter.

Yoku Moku uses special "White Superior Soft Sugar", that you can find only in Japanese households. Compared to light granulated sugar that has light taste, ours has more distinctively rich sweetness.  We finally created our original light and rich cookies by selecting this traditional White Superior Soft Sugar.

We select flour of the highest quality that has a minimal amount of gluten to maintain the texture of our cookies and keep them soft. Since flour is very sensitive and we cannot bake exactly the same cookies if we change the flouring mills, we have a specific flouring mill (and company) that is best suited for our cookies.

Our original vanilla flavour is made of genuine Bourbon vanilla sticks in Madagascar with great care. It has a strong characteristic flavour and you can get a spicy-kick from its sweetness. This vanilla flavouring makes an excellent balance with butter and adds an accent to it.

Of all kinds of chocolates, milk chocolate that has a balanced scent of cacao and richly-flavored milk goes with Yoku Moku's cookies the best.

The way chocolate melts in mouth is one of the most important things for us when we are looking to improve our delicate sense of cookie's texture.

We combine cookies with milk chocolate and they are both rich in taste in a fine balance.