e at Yoku Moku consider that a good environment is required to make confectionery and cookies. This would extend to the entire factory and surroundings where the cookies are being made.

The priority for us in order to have a good environment is cleanliness, hygiene as well as good equipment. It is also very important to locate the factory in the place which is surrounded by the beauty of Nature. This is because we truly believe that the surrounding beauty and serenity also goes into the art of making the cookies.

In order to put sincerity into making confectionery and cookies, all our production staff has to be in a calm and happy mental state. We know that if our employees are content whilst surrounded by the beauty of nature, the affection and care will transfer to the cookies.

The main factory of Yoku Moku, is located in Nikko-shi, Tochigi in Japan. It is near the Omoi river & the Nikko-kaido road which has more than 300 year old cedar trees called Nikko Suginamiki. The factory also has a stunning view of the Nikko mountain range. This is a small description on where our cookies are being made.

Based on our policy of returning natural resources back to nature in a form which is pure as possible, we do our best to be in harmony with nature by keeping the drainage free from pollution and planting trees in the neighbouring area to enhance the environment ever since the factory has been built.