onfectionery and cookies are important to our lives.

Mr. Noriichi Fujinawa, the founder of YOKU MOKU, struggled to find the right ingredients after the Second World War. Butter was a luxury ingredient to use and he was determined to make his cookies rich with the taste of butter but feather light on the tongue. He continued to make confectionery and cookies as he was moved when he saw his products could give people who were deeply distraught after the war sheer joy and happiness. This experience formed the basis on which he decided to dedicate his whole life to making confectionery and cookies.

Sweets have a magical power to make people smile. That is at the core of Yoku Moku’s philosophy and it is the reason to keep striving to make better and better products.

Sincerity is the most important “ingredient” that goes into our confectionary. Imagining the happy faces of our customers when they taste our products motivates us to spread more smiles worldwide.

Liberty Luxuries is a newly formed division of Liberty Oil Mills. Liberty Luxuries aims at bringing enticing new concepts, ideas, tastes and brands from all over the world to the Indian consumer. Formed in 2016 under the direction of Mr. Parvez Kader and the vision of Mr. Ali Kader, Liberty Luxuries is looking to be a leader in its market category and be recognized for nothing less than excellence. We are ecstatic to launch the Leading Japanese confectionary brand called Yoku Moku as our first brand in India.