r. Noriichi Fujinawa used to say that “Making confectionery and cookies is a romantic adventure”.

The rolled shape of the Cigare, which is Yoku Moku’s Signature product, was created in order to let the thin & delicate cookie to be protected from being broken easily. Generally when making cookies, the main ingredient would be flour. However, at Yoku Moku, we use butter as the main ingredient for our signature Cigare cookies. After that we then use egg whites, sugar and flour. This recipe has been found after numerous trials and errors. This mixture of ingredients is called the “Golden Balance”. This is the secret balance of the rich flavour of butter and crunchy but melting light texture.

The Cigare was first made in 1969. At that time it was considered impossible to use a lot of butter for cookies because butter was regarded as a luxury product and there were many difficulties to procure butter due to the scarcity as well as the cost. However, Mr. Noriichi believed that really delicious cookies will be recognised by their value and superior tasate by customers and stubbornly pursued his vision to create his ideal cookies. His high ambitions and strong will led him to success.

“Making Confectionery is a creation, not a production”

This policy created the deliciousness and high quality of Yoku Moku’s cookies and this has always been an essential element of our policy. The founder’s passion for making confectionery and cookies will carry forward for the generations to come.