Grand Kiri Box

Assorted cookies in a Grand Kiri box. Butter Cigare 10 Chocolate Cigare 10 Double chocolat au lait 10 Double chocolat blanc 10 Billet aux amandes 10 Plein lune 8 Billet aux chocolat au lait 10 Billet aux amandes chocolat 10 Bateau de Macadamia (Summer) 10 Bateau de Macadamia (Winter) 10 Bateau de Pistachio 10 Total of cookies 108
This product contains egg

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Flat Kiri Box


Assorted cookies in a flat Kiri box Petit butter cigare 6 Petit chocolat cigare 6 Double chocolat au lait 2 Double chocolat blanc 2 Billet aux amandes 2 Bateau de macadamia 3 Bateau de Pistachio 3 Total no of cookies 24

Billets aux amandes chocolat


Thin, butter-vanilla cookies doubled over with a milk chocolate base and topped with almond slivers. 24 cookies in a Tin Box

Bateau de macadamia


Buttery short bread cookies generously topped with Macadamia nuts & milk chocolate inside. 16 cookies in a Tin Box.