Small Leather Box

Assorted cookies in a small leather box. Petit Butter Cigar 6 Petit Chocolate Cigare 6 Double chocolate au alit 2 Double Chocolate Blanc 2 Bateau de Macadamia 3 Bateau de Pistachio 3 Total of cookies 22
₹ 2,490.00
This product contains egg

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Billets aux amandes chocolat

₹ 2,000.00

Thin, butter-vanilla cookies doubled over with a milk chocolate base and topped with almond slivers. 24 cookies in a Tin Box

Sqaure Paper Box

₹ 2,210.00

Assorted cookies in a square paper box. Butter Cigar 4 Chocolate Cigare 4 Double chocolat au lait 2 Double chocolat blanc 2 Billet aux amandes 2 Bateau de Macadamia 3 Bateau de Pistaches 3 Total of cookies 20

Acrylic Cookie Box

₹ 1,475.00

Assorted cookies in a acrylic cookie box. Double Chocolat au alit 5 Double chocolate blanc 5 Billet aux amandes 5 Total of cookies 15